Snow Hill, Maryland

Amanda and Matt’s All-American Wedding

How did you meet, and how long were you a couple before you got married?

We met in high school! We dated for 10 years before we got married.

What are your favorite things about each other?

Amanda loves how helpful Matt is. He’s always the first to lend a helping hand, get something done, or just be there for someone. Matt loves how driven and supportive Amanda is.

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Everything about Castle Farm made our wedding day so memorable. From the beautiful grounds and animals to outstanding care and passion Catherine and her team put in to making our day better than we could’ve imagined. Also, having our champagne tower instead of cutting a cake (both Matt & I don’t care for cake, but we love champagne :))! Matt soaked our photographers with champagne by accident, but it made for some good pictures. We used a champagne saber that had our last name on it.

What was most unique about your wedding?

Our guests have not stopped talking about how beautiful our entire day was, but I think our most unique part was Amanda coming onto the dance floor with the American Flag and having everyone on the dance floor singing ‘Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue’. Or when the entire grooms party decided to cut their sleeves off their shirts & Matt cut his jeans into jorts.

What were your wedding colors and themes? Who was your wedding planner? Did you use a rental company? Please describe your decor and florals. Who was your florist?

Amanda loves Wildflowers & garden themes, so the main color was a Sage or ‘Sea Glass’ green, with pops of color throughout. We used Eventfully Yours as our planning team, and we cannot say enough amazing things
about them. They seriously went above & beyond for absolutely everything we needed leading us to our wedding day, and throughout the entire weekend. They were so incredible. Most of our decor revolved around
flowers or greenery. We used Flower Box by Little Nika as our florist and she did an amazing job at bringing our wildflower visions to life.

Is there anything about your day that you wish you would have done differently?

My bustle!! I wish we would’ve done it differently or at a different time. It was a very difficult bustle and took way longer than anticipated to get it done and it ended up cutting into our reception time.

What were the favorite moments for your guests? What feedback did you hear most from your guests?

Of course Odin was a huge hit, but our guests also loved the walk from our ceremony to the reception tent and getting to pet all the horses on the way down. They also really enjoyed our Donut Dessert Bar!

Who was your caterer? Please tell us about the food and service at your reception.

We used Waterman’s as our caterer and they did amazing! We got great feedback from our guests on their food, we were so pleased with the outcome. Not to mention, they were very easy to work with!

Did you attend an after-party? Where did you spend your wedding night? honeymoon?

We chose the 3-day package for Castle Farm so we had our Rehearsal dinner at the farm Friday night and we got to spend our wedding night at the farm as well! It was a huge relief to be able to unload everything on Friday and not have to worry about packing anything up until Sunday during the day. We went on our Honeymoon to Charleston, SC the week after our wedding.

Who was your photographer to credit for these photos?

Britney Clause Photography

bride and groom walking in a horse pasture

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