Snow Hill, Maryland
a pair of andalusian horses with mane decorations

Andalusians in Hollywood

Did you know that the Andalusian breed is the most often seen in movies? If you see an athletic horse with a ton of presence and a long flowing mane and tail, it’s usually an Iberian horse. Here at Castle Farm Weddings, we love our Andalusians! They are well suited for Hollywood due to their …

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Andalusian gelding in dressage training

Blanketing Pros and Cons from Scientific research

Does Cold Cause Colic? At a recent wedding, a guest asked, “Do you love the horses that are wearing blankets more?” We laughed, and explained that some of our clients blanket their horses because they love them and some do not blanket often because they love them 🙂 These are actually common questions from couples …

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bride and groom walking in a horse pasture

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