Snow Hill, Maryland

Connar & James’ Summer Wedding

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Tell us your love story. What are your favorite things about each other?


A mutual friend was celebrating her birthday and I recall waiting at her home for everyone to arrive so we could go out to dinner in Ocean City. I looked up and saw a stranger walk in and, as an introvert, was immediately turned off by the arrival of this newcomer. The group headed to dinner and on the way I remember thinking, “Just don’t make me sit by this new guy” but, of course, by the time I arrived, the only available seat was beside him. He introduced himself as James before our attention turned toward the whole group. At the end of dinner, he leaned over and asked, “Are you going to finish that?” and gestured to my half-eaten cream of crab soup. I thought, ‘Surely this guy is not going to eat my dinner…’ But, anyone who knows James knows that 1- he will eat anything and 2- he’s not shy. So I awkwardly allowed this complete stranger to finish my soup.

James made a very obvious beeline toward me after dinner and engaged in animated conversation as we walked to our cars. At this point I knew he was interested in me and, as one does, I got into the car with two of my friends and immediately said, “Tell me about this guy. Who is he?” They dished out his most recent breakup and said they knew him to be a good guy, which was my green light to try to get to know him better. The group ended up at the skating rink where James and I spent many laps skating and talking, actively ignoring the giggles and stares of our friends. Next on the itinerary was the casino, where I politely declined my friend’s offer to go play slots in lieu of continuing one-on-one conversation with James. At this point, it was obvious to all that we were hitting it off. At the very end of the night I told my friends, “He’ll friend request me on Facebook tomorrow, I know it”. He was quicker than I expected though and, before I even made it home that evening, he had sent me a Facebook message asking if I wanted to get coffee.


Why did you choose Castle Farm as your venue?


We attended a coworker’s wedding at Castle Farm two years ago and I fell in love with it. When we were searching for venues, we did our due diligence and toured multiple places big and small, new and old, but we both agreed that nothing compared to the beauty of Castle Farm. The most interesting part of our tour at Castle Farm was when we entered the Bridal Suite and James looked down at the glass floor and said, “Wait… I installed that tile!” It had been many years prior, but what a coincidence that he did tile work in his future bride’s suite!


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What were your wedding colors, decor, florals, and vision?


One thing we didn’t expect to be asked so much during the planning process was what our wedding theme/style was. We had no clue- getting married? Not ugly? All we knew were our colors were navy and maroon; we had no idea weddings even had themes! We found beautiful artificial flowers at a bridal yard sale, hit up the local craft store for lantern centerpieces, and borrowed wood centerpiece bases from our church. Thanks to Pinterest and some help from real baby’s breath and eucalyptus leaves our centerpieces came together just fine. We made our own signage with Canva and frames from Dollar General, and had a friend make beautiful handmade candles for each table. Napkins and tablecloths were purchased from Amazon to avoid cleaning fees (if go this route- don’t worry too much the wrinkles. It’s a battle your won’t win.) Decor was certainly piecemeal, but in the end it looked perfect.


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Is there anything about your day that you wish you would have done differently? Do you have tips for other brides who are planning a wedding?


Make sure the DJ announces that the cake is available! We went home with so much cake because we did a “silent” cake cutting and most guests didn’t realize there was cake. Also, don’t leave alcohol boxes/bottles out in the rain overnight by accident making it so you can’t return them… if you are in need, we still have a couple hundred cans of beer we are ready to share.

What were the favorite moments for your guests? What feedback did you hear most from your guests?


We had great comments about our caterer, Street Kitchen. People still rave about their brisket! Street Kitchen catered for our cocktail hour and reception. We continue to hear positive feedback about their food! They were very professional, offered a tasting well in advance of our wedding day, and were easy to communicate with. We highly recommend them!


couple at mahogany barn door ceremony location

Did you attend an after-party? Where did you spend your wedding night?


We spent our wedding night at Castle Farm, which we highly recommend. It was so easy to not have to worry about transportation after the reception or traveling back to the farm the next day for clean up. The suite has everything you need for an evening.

Who was your photographer to credit for these photos?

Scott Malone, Andrew Wackett, Jonatha Baskett

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