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Gina & Corey’s Fun Wedding: Mead and Fabulous Purple Gown

Tell us your love story.


We first met at a New Year’s Eve party. Corey started preparing my taxes and then started to cut my lawn. Eventually, I broke down and agreed to a couple of dates. Six years later, Corey proposed at Spirit Lake in Colorado. I was taking pictures of the lake and when I turned around he was on his knee. Since I already had my camera out I took a picture of that moment, before saying anything. To my amusement, he waited patiently. I honestly didn’t see it coming. My favorite things about him are his lightheartedness and determination. His favorite things about me are my sense of humor and my smile.


bride and groom dancing on ceremony aisle by barn doors

Why did you choose Castle Farm as your venue?


Castle Farm offered everything we were looking for. A full weekend, outdoor and indoor options, and an amazing staff. Having the entire weekend was essential for us. We knew we wanted to take our time before and after the big party. It was so nice to just head upstairs, high five, and relax with each other at the end of the reception. Our first adventure together was a camping trip where we hiked some beautiful trails with waterfalls. So, our original idea was to have our wedding at a waterfall. But, with aging parents and friends and a growing guest list, we realized that wouldn’t really work out. The important thing for us was for everyone to enjoy themselves, and Castle Farm made it easy for that to happen.

What was the most memorable and the most unique aspect about your wedding?


There are so many memories! The whole day was fun, even the unplanned and improvised moments. For the groom the private dance wins. For the bride, looking through the scrapbook that Corey made. I have to say the purple wedding dress is probably what stands out the most, followed by the smorgasbord of food, and Odin/Maybelle.


large green pasture with white barn

What were your wedding colors and themes, decor, and florals? Who was your wedding planner and florist?


Colors: purple and green
Theme: food, family, and fun
Wedding planner: Belle of the Ball

The decor was simple. Dried lavender, glass hurricane vases, wood flowers, and electronic candles. We used natural sola wood flowers with dried lavender as our florals. We made the bouquets ourselves, and Belle of the Ball decorated the tables and arch for us. Party favors were brown kraft bags with something “Bittersweet and a Little Spicy” inside. They included small bags of Rise Up coffee, small jars of local honey, and a small bottle of Old Bay hot sauce.


mead samples

Is there anything about your day that you wish you would have done differently? Do you have tips for other brides who are planning a wedding?


We had a faux old-time phone that recorded messages from the guests. We would have put it by the entrance/exit instead of in the reception room with the loud music. Many of the guests didn’t see it because of the placement. Even so, we still have some great messages from those who did. The only tip I can think of to add is to just have fun and don’t fuss over every little thing. The day might be exactly like you dreamed or it could go sideways for many different reasons. Just roll with it and have fun. The
day is about honoring your partner and yourself. Enjoy it!

Also, lipstick can be touched up, so be sure to eat throughout the day.


Bride and groom embracing in front of pink dogwood tree

What were the favorite moments for your guests? What feedback did you hear most from your guests?


Dinner, speeches, and dancing were the favorites, for sure. Top comments from our guests:
“Beautiful wedding!”
“Maybelle is so cute!”
“Most fun I’ve had at a wedding!”
“I LOVE your dress!”

Based on these, we think we all did a good job.


bride and groom dancing in arena

Who was your caterer? Please tell us about the food and service at your reception.


We love food and wanted to have a variety for everyone. Everything was buffet style with biodegradable plates/utensils/cups/napkins for easy clean up. We figured, “We’re all friends now, so get on up there and help yourself!”

Better Together Boards: grazing table and private charcuterie box for the bride and groom
Frank The BBQ Guy: smoked whole pig and wings
The Greek Pita Place: salad, orzo pasta, spanakopita, build your own pitas
Bride: Homemade lasagna (it’s SO good)
Christina Fuller: dessert bar (brownies, rice crispy treats, chocolate mousse cups)
More Than Chocolate: amazing cakes
Cake Art: macarons and personal wedding cake
Buzz Meadery: three flavors of delicious mead


bride in purple gown with groom at pond's edge

Did you attend an after-party? Where did you spend your wedding night? honeymoon?


High-fiving and saying, “We did it!”, counts as an after-party, right? We stayed in the bridal suite on-site and are so glad we did. It was nice to just retire after a long week and an exciting day. Our honeymoon is planned for Spring 2024. We plan to spend a month traveling abroad. Looking forward to it!


bride and groom kissing after ceremony in woods

Who was your photographer to credit for these photos?

Emily Nicole

bride and groom walking in a horse pasture

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