Snow Hill, Maryland

Sapna and Michael’s Beautiful Hindu Wedding

How did you meet? and how long were you a couple before you got married?

Michael and I met through a set up by my best and longest friend Jui’s husband. We did a double date with them and about 3 years later we got married!

What are your favorite things about each other?

We appreciate each others sense of possibility, adventure and optimism. We also share a love of quality time with our families.

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

It all felt like a big joyous blur of love, but it felt like time stood still walking down the aisle to Michael. I couldn’t move fast enough to get to him! It was a beautiful moment – seeing him and our parents together on the mandap under the big bright sun, colorful flowers and to some hindi music tunes that reminded me of my late father.

What was most unique about your wedding?

I think it would be the venue – Castle Farm is so stunning. We both come from really big, lively families who love to get together and party – plus loads of kids. We wanted a place that would let people sprawl out and that felt really gorgeous, but comfortable and fun for the kids. It was magical with all the animals around, sunny and green during the day and then a really cool misty twinkly vibe at night. There were endless areas for our family + friends to explore throughout the farm so for such a big wedding it never felt too crowded.

What were your wedding colors and themes?

Pinks, corals, really bright juicy Indian colors. Our florals + decor were done by a close friend Rob Fowler who has impeccable taste and real vision. I didn’t have to say much and he made everything look gorgeous, unique and warm.

Is there anything about your day that you wish you would have done differently?

I wish I slowed down a bit to savor moments more!

What were the favorite moments for your guests? What feedback did you hear most from your guests?

Our guests really enjoyed the Hindu ceremony, the Sangeet which was full of choreographed danced from our family and friends — and finally the FOOD!

Please tell us about the food and service at your reception.

We had our wedding catered by Moghul a reknown Indian catering service based out of Edison, NJ. Both fans of Indian food and newbies shared that they loved the food, which of course is rare for a wedding dinner. We’re thankful that Moghul was able to pull it off in a farm setting – and to Catherine for helping us basically create a full kitchen out in the field.

Did you attend an after-party? Where did you spend your wedding night? honeymoon?

We were all partied out by midnight and retreated back to the beautiful Castle Farm bridal suite to spend our wedding night. We mini-mooned at the Point resort in Lake Saranac NY the next day.

Who was your photographer to credit for these photos?

The Beards photographed our wedding.

bride and groom walking in a horse pasture

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