Snow Hill, Maryland

Shelby and Michael’s Military Celebration

How did you meet? and how long were you a couple before you got married?

We met while Shelby was on a Family Medicine rotation at Ft. Hood. Michael was stationed there as a Field Artillery Officer at the time. We have been together since June 2020, and got married September 2022 – so we were together for about two years!

What are your favorite things about each other?

Michaels favorite things about Shelby: intelligent, patient, determined, caring
Shelby’s favorite things about Michael: driven, loyal, committed, moral

Bride and groom kiss under hanging lights

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Our reception, watching our families and friends meld so simply and enjoy eachothers company. We had so much fun being surrounded by everyone that we love and all of those who have supported us to become the individuals we are.

What was most unique about your wedding?

The sword arch made up of half Navy, half Army, half officer, half enlisted servicemen. We felt that this was a reflection of who we are and where we come from. It was a unique opportunity to welcome one another to our respective service.

What were your wedding colors and

themes? Who was your wedding planner? Did you use a rental company? Please describe your decor? and florals. Who was your florist?

We did a color pallet of black, green and white. We used black for bridesmaids dresses and for accent on the boys tuxedos. Flowers and table decor were all either white, green or gold. Our wedding planner was Belle of the Ball. We used her for a day of coordination and she ensured that everything ran smoothly. She helped with things we would not have remembered until it was too late. The only rental company that we used was Fabulous Events for napkin rental. It was convenient and simple, they had a large variety of choices. Our decor was simple and elegant, with a mainstay of floral arrangements and candles. Florals were completed by Willow Oak Flower and Herb Farm. They provided us with bouquets of a variety of white flowers then created beautiful table runners from white hydrangeas, roses and eucalyptus.

Is there anything about your day that you wish you would have done differently?

Buy stand up photo frames. We had a memory table for those who could not be with us. Unfortunately, a bunch of the images brought were in frames that did not stand on their own so they were laid instead. I feel that this made the table go overlooked – something I would not wish since these were people of great importance in our lives.

Wedding party centered around bride and groom

What were the favorite moments for your guests? What feedback did you hear most from your guests?

The reception! We heard that the guest had an amazing time dancing and drinking with each other. We had many comments on how happy we looked together and that we relished in the day being ours – not allowing anyone to ruin it for us.

Who was your caterer? Please tell us about the food and service at your reception.

We used Street Kitchen for our catering for both the rehearsal dinner and the reception. We did a plan where there was two proteins, vegetables and starches. This was perfect because we each picked one that we wanted. There was a spread of honey ham (huge hit), lemon chicken, mac & cheese, mashed sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and asparagus. For the rehearsal dinner they set up a beautiful, and delicious, taco bar!

Bride and groom moving through hallway of party members with sparklers

Did you attend an after-party? Where did you spend your wedding night? honeymoon?

We did not attend any after party – we were exhausted afterwards. The plan would have been to go out in downtown OC if we had the energy. We spent our wedding night at the Hilton in West O.C. We chose this as it is close to Shelby’s parents home. Looking back, it would have been nice to stay at Castle Farms that evening – we would recommend this for future couples. Our honeymoon is on hold as Shelby is in her intern year – but we plan to go to Italy in 2024 to celebrate!

Who was your photographer to credit for these photos?

Bradley Photos

bride and groom walking in a horse pasture

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