Dressage Training

Our boarders are encouraged to suggest other top trainers for clinics and upon approval, are welcome to bring their own trainers to Castle Farm for regular teaching. Our goal is education and we enjoy learning from a variety of qualified instructors!

Britta Johnston

Grand Prix Trainer &  International Clinician

Britta Johnston supervises dressage training of horses and riders at Castle Farm Dressage. We are so fortunate that she has taken a personal interest in our farm and works closely with our regular trainers on a continual basis in keeping our education on the right track according to traditional German principles. Britta has committed to monthly clinics at our facility for our clients and outside horses and riders if space allows. The progress that we have made in our riding and in our horses since Britta has been training us is simply astonishing. Britta is an International Grand Prix Trainer. She is generous in her knowledge and very motivational. Her focus is on proper biomechanics of the rider to influence the horse correctly and sequential gymnastic exercises to strengthen the horse’s skeleton and progress the horse’s training. She teaches Intro level through Grand Prix and enjoys working with riders and horses at all levels!


The Castle Farm Dressage Team

Several other Approved Clinicians currently teach clinics at Castle Farm, including Tiffany Hattler, a USDF bronze medalist, Kathy Rowse, an “S” judge, Deri Jeffers, an “R” Judge. Our regular clients train frequently at Mountain Vista Farm with Britta’s training team. We have regular clinics at Castle Farm Dressage.


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