Snow Hill, Maryland
Micro Mini Scottish Highland Cattle

Get Maximum Cuteness
in a Smaller Size

Our Mini Scottish Highland cattle come in a variety of colors. Their size at maturity varies. A Mini Highland stands between 36-42 inches at the hip, a Micro-Mini will be 36” or less at the hip, and a Midsize-Miniature Highland will reach 42-48”. At full maturity they are 500-700 pounds of love.

Scottish Highland cow grazing in a green pasture
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Micro Mini Scottish Highland Cattle: Romeo


Romeo is a silver purebred Highland chondro-positive bull with solid conformation and a fluffy long coat. We know he will pass on his gentle disposition as our foundation herd sire. NOT FOR SALE

Micro Mini Scottish Highland Cattle: Helen


This purebred black Highland cow is a doll with a long Dossen and long fluffy curly coat. She is gentle and kind and a wonderful mom! NOT FOR SALE

Micro Mini Scottish Highland Cattle: Rex


Rex is a Highland bull – SOLD

Micro Mini Scottish Highland Cattle: Penny


Purebred Highland Dun Cow currently in calf to Romeo and the calf will be offered for sale. Penny is NOT for Sale

Maybelle, a Highland/HighPark cow


Maybelle is a Highland/HighPark cow and will be bred through embryo transfer because she is so tiny! Maybelle is NOT for sale, she is a flower cow for our venue.

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