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Autumn Kramer

With over 20 years’ experience in décor, floral design, and event coordination on the most sophisticated levels, Autumn Kramer is equipped to make even the most ambitious aspirations scintillating realities. She has worked for some of the top Floral & Event companies in the Baltimore/Annapolis area custom designing for weddings, dinner parties, hotels, celebrities, movie sets, and magazines. Autumn is an autodidact, never having received any “formal” floral or design training she is a natural raw talent artist. Since she is not limited to any one set style or process, the possibilities are endless every-time she is commissioned by a client. That being said, if you were to ask her what her “style” is, her response would be “A little Eclectic, a little BoHo, a little Glam, all finished off with grace and elegance.”

More than just a retail store, Bleached Butterfly Floral & Home is a showcase of design beauty, a place to create and be inspired. Not to mention we offer an array of floral and home design services aside from our wedding & event floral services.

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